Ease Dental Anxiety with Oral Sedation in Ponderosa Dr Sandpoint

At Northern Peaks Dental, a family dentistry in Sandpoint we’re pleased to offer our patients nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation in Sandpoint to make visits more comfortable, effective, and relaxed. We prioritize safe sedation dentistry, ensuring that our patients have a positive experiennce while recieving the dental care they need. 

What is nitrous oxide and how does it work?

One of our most popular forms of dental sedation in sandpoint, nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) is a safe, fast-acting, and effective sedative that helps calm a wide range of patients who experience dental fear and/or anxiety. Administered through a mask that’s worn over the nose, the gas quickly provides a calming effect that enables patients to remain awake during their treatment or procedure. Unlike other forms of sedation, the effects of this sedative also wear off quickly once the mask is removed.

What is oral sedation and how does it work?

Oral sedation in Sandpoint involves taking an anti-anxiety medication approximately one hour before your visit, which helps ensure that you’re relaxed during treatment. Patients generally feel drowsy and may even fall into a light sleep during their appointment, but they can be easily woken to cooperate with our dentist. Patients who utilize this form of sedation need to be driven to and from their appointment.

What is IV sedation and how does it work?

IV sedation dentistry in Sandpoint is delivered through an intravenous line before a procedure. IV sedation is often an ideal option for people who experience severe dental anxiety. Taking effect instantly, many patients fall into a light sleep during their visit but are easily roused when needed. Patients who utilize this form of sedation are closely monitored throughout their visit and require transportation to and from their appointment.

Is dental sedation safe?

Yes! When administered by a qualified professional, dental sedation is both safe and highly effective. You can rest assured that our team of experts will help you choose the form and level of sedation that will best meet your needs while also carefully monitoring you throughout your visit.

If you have questions about dental sedation or would like to schedule an appointment, call Northern Peaks Dental today. Our team is here to help you receive the dental care that you need in a safe and comfortable atmosphere!


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