Rejuvenate Your Smile With All-on-6 Dental Implants

At Northern Peaks Dental in Sandpoint, we’re proud to provide All-on-6 dental implants, a revolutionary procedure that utilizes six titanium implants to securely anchor a top or bottom full denture in place.

What benefits does this procedure offer?

When a patient is missing teeth, the effects can be far-reaching and impactful. Along with compromised self-esteem and lower quality of life, patients often experience nutritional deficiencies as well as a loss of jawbone density, which negatively impacts facial structure and puts any remaining teeth at risk.

With All-on-6 implants, the strategic placement of dental implants enables patients with full dentures to not only stimulate their jawbone and prevent bone atrophy, but they also help ensure that dentures fit securely and comfortably, eliminating the need for adhesives and improving a patient’s ability to eat the foods they love again.

Is there an ideal candidate for All-on-6 dental implants?

Most patients who are interested in securing their denture(s) in place are likely to be candidates for All-on-6 implants. It’s important to note that patients should be in good oral and overall health, and that a thorough consultation is necessary to ensure that they have adequate supporting bone structure to ensure a proper fit.

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  • Secure your full denture & boost your confidence
  • Improve your speaking & chewing function
  • Enjoy the foods you love again
  • Strengthen your jawbone density
  • Prioritize your smile!